6 must have kitchen gadgets in your kitchen 2023

6 must have kitchen gadgets in your kitchen 2023


At times, we may find ourselves sympathizing with kitchens burdened by a surplus of unnecessary gadgets, often showcased on TV. These superfluous items not only take up valuable cabinet space but also clutter countertops and drawers, including tools like asparagus peelers, brownie pans, and slicers that prove to be space-hoggers. However, high-quality kitchen gadgets can completely transform the game. These well-designed, reasonably-priced, and low-tech devices can make your life in the kitchen more efficient and speedy, almost as if they were a blessing from culinary greats!

The assortment of tools we’ve assembled may appear unremarkable and predictable, yet they serve as invaluable assets in tackling everyday kitchen tasks, such as blending, baking, stirring, and sautéing. The true worth of these instruments dawned on us when we embarked on filming our video content (be sure to visit us on Instagram @tribunefood). In essence, we could hardly whip up a meal in the tight time frames allotted for shooting without these vital gizmos. Take a gander at the complete blog post to discover which multitasking superheroes made the cut.

Ginger grater

A ginger grater may appear simple, but it’s nothing short of a wonder when you’re whipping up speedy dishes. To peel ginger can be a time-consuming and laborious operation, and obviously, who wants to spend all day in the kitchen? This uneven, trapezoid-shaped board can be found in most major supermarkets. Purchasing this nifty tool means no more fiddling around with knives to peel and chop ginger, and no more wasting half the vegetable in the process. Besides ginger, you can also use it to grate nutmeg and cheese. It’s a versatile kitchen essential that you won’t want to be without.

Kitchen tongs

Kitchen tongs are an indispensable tool that serves as an extension of your hands. Do you know why? Because they are incredibly versatile. They’re multipurpose enough to serve as an alternative oven mitt in addition to a spatula, ladle, and wooden spoon. Tongs can be utilized for a wide range of tasks, from stirring pasta to retrieving hot dishes from the oven or roasting coals and peppers on the stove. You can even use them to check if vegetables are cooked to perfection- basically, anything that you can’t do with your bare hands! Tongs are kitchen superheroes that can do it all.

Garlic press

While chopping garlic with a knife and cutting board is perfectly fine, if you use copious amounts of garlic in your culinary endeavors, a good garlic press is a game-changer. You don’t need to break the bank to procure one; a straightforward stainless steel contraption will suffice. The beauty of garlic presses lies in their ability to crush unpeeled garlic cloves into their ideal shape without leaving any remnants behind in the device. Moreover, you can buy it at a cheaper price, and it is worth the benefits you receive. Your kitchen repertoire won’t be complete without one of these little gems.

Vegetable peeler

There’s something deeply satisfying about smoothly removing the skin from your fruits and vegetables, with the peels and skins remaining perfectly intact. And the secret to achieving this feat? A trusty peeler. Working with a dull vegetable peeler can be a frustrating experience, as it constantly pauses mid-peel. But once you invest in a good quality peeler, the experience is heavenly. A high-quality peeler will effortlessly peel wide ribbons of skin from your produce, making your cooking and prep work a breeze. All you need to do is seek out a strong, sharp peeler that can even handle the tough task of peeling parmesan cheese. Once you’ve got that in your arsenal, you’re all set!

Mesh strainer

The reliable mesh strainer is the one and only tool you’ll need in the kitchen. Nearly every recipe requires one in some form. It has a wide variety of practical applications, including steaming, sifting dry materials, soaking beans, and many others. It’s especially handy for tasks like straining pasta, washing fresh vegetables, and rinsing fruits. In fact, if you watch our videos, you might catch us passing mashed potatoes through the mesh strainer to get the fluffiest, creamiest results. Try it in, and you’ll quickly come to appreciate its usefulness.

Kitchen shears

In the kitchen, having a pair of kitchen shears at your disposal can be a godsend, as they allow for clean, quick slicing without the need for a knife and cutting board.
They’re a handy item to keep around because they’re easier to clean than a knife. In addition to cutting herbs like coriander, mint, and lettuce, kitchen shears are perfect for slicing through foods like dates, cherry tomatoes, and even fruits like cherries and bananas. With a plier-like grip, a good pair of kitchen shears can also be used for cracking nutshells and opening stubborn jars, making them a versatile tool for any cook.

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