What is 77066 cpt code description

What is 77066 Cpt code description and guidelines?

77066 is a CPT code used to describe a stereotactic body radiation therapy (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) SBRT treatment delivery for one or more lesions, including image guidance

The American Medical Association (AMA) developed and continues to operate (Current Procedural Terminology) CPT codes, which are essential to the healthcare sector as they standardize the terminology used to identify medical, surgical, and diagnostic services.

It is challenging to exaggerate the significance and worth of CPT codes in healthcare. They support a smoother customer experience by assisting healthcare professionals in appropriately billing for their services and enabling insurance companies to process claims promptly.

We will decode one of these codes, 77066, by learning its significance and the key specialties it is associated with. We put a great deal of emphasis on helping you comprehend its importance in the healthcare industry.

What is the CPT code 77066 Used for?

It refers to a bilateral mammography. The breast tissue is imaged using X-ray equipment for breast cancer screening. The code is used to bill for this service in medical settings.

Additionally, 77066 is a CPT code used to describe a stereotactic body radiation therapy (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) SBRT treatment delivery for one or more lesions, including image guidance, the entire course of treatment, delivery, and management.

Understanding the procedures of the CPT 77066 code

  • (Diagnostic mammography)

When a woman experiences a breast problem or symptom, such as a lump, soreness, nipple discharge, or a change in breast size or shape, she may undergo a diagnostic mammography, a type of breast x-ray.

  • (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) SBRT

It is a sort of radiation therapy that uses high doses of radiation to treat a particular area of the body while exposing nearby healthy tissues to the least amount of radiation possible.

How many lesions can be treated with 77066 CPT code?

This code typically covers the guidance for the placement of radiation therapy fields rather than specifying the number of lesions treated. The doctor and clinical scenario would determine how many lesions to treat. In most cases, only one lesion/injury is dealt with.

The typical duration of treatment for SBRT using CPT 77066 

Depending on the treatment plan and the patient’s condition, the normal treatment time for SBRT utilizing the code 77066 may vary. However, it frequently involves several high-dose radiation treatments stretched over one to two weeks.

How does the use of 77066 code affect billing and reimbursement?

This consultation code for radiation physics is used to record the expert part of a radiation therapy plan. When using this code, effort must be taken to verify that the service is not bundled with other services and that the documentation backs up its medical necessity.

If this CPT code is used correctly/ efficiently, the service supplied can be properly billed for and reimbursed.

Is CPT 77066 code covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage for CPT code 77066 relies on several variables, including your insurance plan, the purpose of the medical service, and the provider’s billing procedures. Its coverage can differ, but it often refers to radiation therapy.

It’s always better to contact your insurance provider or review the plan’s research to determine whether and to what extent this code is covered.

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