What is CPT code 73610

A Comprehensive Guide to CPT code 73610


Medical billing and documentation depend on numerous codes; as a healthcare provider, it’s vital to have explicit knowledge of these codes. For example, the CPT code 73610 is a treasured code describing the knee joint’s radiologic examination. This code aids in correctly documenting the radiologic examinations performed at the knee joint, which is beneficial in presenting suitable remedies for patients with knee problems.

What is CPT code 73610?

CPT code 73610 refers to a medical code used to document and report a radiologic examination, specifically of the knee joint. This CPT code is vital for healthcare providers to bill for knee imaging services rendered accurately. 

When is CPT 73610 code used?

If a patient has knee pain, a healthcare provider may order an X-ray or radiologic exam of the knee joint. This is where the CPT code 73610 comes into play. This code covers various imaging techniques such as X-rays, MRI, or CT scans of the knee to diagnose the issue. Healthcare providers take multiple X-ray images of the knee joint to identify any fractures, swelling or other causes of pain. The results help plan appropriate treatment.

Documentation requirements for CPT 73610

It includes the following information:

  • Patient’s medical history and reason for the examination
  • Date and time of the examination
  • Technique used (X-ray, MRI, CT scan, etc.)
  • Findings and impressions
  • Any additional procedures performed

Common reasons for using CPT code 73610

Some of the most common reasons include

  • To diagnose a suspected fracture, dislocation, or other damage to the ankle
  • To display the restoration of an ankle injury
  • To examine the severity of arthritis or other degenerative adjustments within the ankle
  • To examine the alignment of the ankle bones
  • To look for symptoms of contamination or other troubles with the ankle

What are radiology billing services?

It involves accurately coding radiology procedures and services, submitting claims to insurance companies and payers, and following up on unpaid claims. 

The process of radiology billing services also includes verifying insurance coverage, determining patient responsibility, and ensuring that the claims meet the necessary legal and regulatory requirements. 

Effectively managing medical billing is crucial for healthcare providers to receive timely and accurate payments while ensuring patients are billed correctly and transparently.

How do you bill for radiology?

To bill for radiology, you will need to:

  1. Use correct CPT codes for medical procedures and services.
  2. Submit claims electronically via software programs or clearinghouses, as most insurance companies require.
  3. Follow up on unpaid claims with the insurance company if you are still waiting to receive payment within a reasonable time.

What are the most common modifiers for radiology billing services?

Modifiers are codes that provide additional information about billed services. Common radiology billing modifiers include:

  • 26: Professional component
  • TC: Technical component
  • 76: Repeat procedure by the same physician
  • 77: Repeat procedure by another physician
  • 50: Bilateral procedure
  • LT: Left side
  • RT: Right side
  • 59: Distinct procedural service

How can radiology billing services help you?

It can help healthcare providers offering radiology services in many ways, like 

  • Improve coding accuracy
  • Reduce denials
  • Increase reimbursement
  • Save time and money. 
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