CPT Codes for OB-GYN

A comprehensive guide to CPT codes for OB-GYN services

As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of keeping up with coding standards and laws. This blog covers OB-GYN CPT codes so you may stay compliant and efficient.

Welcome to the ultimate guide to CPT codes for OB-GYN services! As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of keeping up with coding standards and laws.

This blog covers OB-GYN CPT codes so you may stay compliant and efficient.

We’ll cover everything from CPT coding basics to OB-GYN services, so you’re up to date on coding standards. We’ll also provide supportive tips and tricks to make coding more accessible and efficient. So, whether you’re a healthcare professional or just getting started, this blog is the perfect resource.

Let’s start our journey of discovery to uncover all the CPT codes needed for OB-GYN services.

What are the most common OB-GYN CPT codes

  • CPT 59400: Antenatal care, vaginal birth (with or without episiotomy and forceps), and postnatal care are all part of the standard obstetrical care routine.
  • CPT 59510: Prenatal care, Cesarean birth, and postpartum care are all common forms of obstetric treatment.
  • CPT 59610: Regular obstetric care includes care before birth, delivery through the birth canal (with or without an episiotomy and forceps), and care after birth after a cesarean section.
  • CPT 59618: Regular obstetric care, including antepartum care, delivery by cesarean section, and postpartum care, is necessary if an attempt is made to deliver the baby vaginally after a previous cesarean section.

Other essential CPT codes for OB-GYN procedures

CPT 59409: Exclusively vaginal births, either with forceps or an episiotomy. The CPT code 59409 refers to the medical billing code for a vaginal delivery using forceps or an episiotomy.

CPT 59410: The CPT code 59410 refers to the medical billing code for a vaginal delivery without the use of forceps or an episiotomy.

CPT 59425: This CPT code is used for billing for prenatal care with 4-6 visits. Prenatal care entails regular visits to a healthcare practitioner to assess the mother’s and the baby’s health, give information and counseling, and identify and treat potential issues.

CPT 59426: This CPT code is used for billing for prenatal care with 7 or more visits. This would typically be used for a more complex pregnancy requiring frequent monitoring and management.

CPT 59430: This CPT code is used for billing for postpartum care, which is the medical attention given to a mother after she has given birth.

CPT 59514: This CPT code is used to bill for a c-section delivery, a surgical process in which the baby is delivered through an incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. This code would be used when a c-section is the primary mode of delivery.

CPT 59515: This CPT code is used for billing for a c-section delivery and any follow-up care that may be required.

CPT 59612: Delivery by vaginal delivery exclusively, after a prior delivery by cesarean section (whether by episiotomy and forceps or not)

CPT 59614: Care during and after a second vaginal delivery for women who have already had a cesarean delivery (forceps and an episiotomy, if necessary; postpartum care)

CPT 59620: Having another cesarean after a failed vaginal delivery attempt;

CPT 59622: When a previous cesarean birth has been attempted, a cesarean delivery is the only option, and postpartum care is limited to surgical procedures.

OB-GYN ultrasound medical billing guidelines

For reporting ultrasound operations, adhering to all OBGYN medical billing and coding regulations for care during pregnancy is crucial. Each coded process should have corresponding pictures for scrutiny, showing the relevant anatomy and pathology. CPT specifies neither the number of required photographs nor their storage method.

There may be a need for adjustments if more than one fetus is present or if different operations are being carried out on the same patient during the same visit. Getting a claim line denied for reporting a wrong modifier is possible. Below are several CPT codes used to describe various ultrasound recordings. Ensure that your clinic follows the correct reporting rules for each CPT code.

76801–76810: These codes refer to the assessment of the mother and fetus using transabdominal ultrasound, which can be done in each trimester of pregnancy.

76811–76814: These codes are used for a more detailed analysis of the fetus’ anatomy, including measuring fetal nuchal translucency.

76818–76819: Used for performing a prenatal biophysical profile, a comprehensive assessment of fetal well-being.

76815: This code is used for a limited investigation using trans-abdominal ultrasonography.

59025: Used for fetal non-stress examination, a procedure that measures the fetus’ heart rate in response to movement.

76816: Used for follow-up investigations using transabdominal ultrasound.

76817: Used for investigating transvaginal ultrasound, which provides a more detailed view of the pelvic organs and fetus.

These are CPT codes for different types of prenatal ultrasound examinations, including fetal assessment, analysis of fetal anatomy, measuring fetal nuchal translucency, biophysical profile, and follow-up investigations. They are used to identify and bill for specific ultrasound procedures performed during pregnancy.


In conclusion, CPT codes for OB-GYN services are essential for accurate billing and reimbursement. They provide a standardized language for medical professionals to communicate with insurance companies and other healthcare providers. CPT codes are regularly updated to reflect changes in medical technology and services, so it is essential to stay up to date with the latest codes.


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